Friday, March 3 at 6pm

Directed by Amy Jo Johnson
In English
Comedy, Drama
90 minutes
Rated 14A: sexually suggestive scene

This film will be preceded by THE HOT SEAT from Neil Manuel, Calvin Kuntz, Graham Ronayne, and Liam Russell (1st Place Award Winner at KISS 2016)

EVENT: Q&A with Actor David Paetkau.



When Mitch discovers that his new baby isn’t his, he sets out on a journey to find the baby’s true daddy. Meanwhile, Jackie, the baby momma, convinces her best friend to help her find Mitch and save their marriage. The journey they all take is a heartfelt, coming of age (a slightly older age) through backwoods burlesque festivals and small town funeral-home larceny. Filled with a hilarious and moving cast of supporting characters, The Space Between, directed by actor turned director Amy Jo Johnson (Flashpoint, Power Rangers, Felicity), is a film about acceptance, family, love... and a few dirty diapers. 


6pm The Space Between