Friday, March 13 5pm
Prior to the film WHITE LIE
Paramount Theatre-Lobby

The highly important Kamloops Cancer Connections (KCC) will be set up in the lobby with information as well as giving a brief talk before our screening of White Lie

KCC is group of health care professionals, support groups and community organizations that has developed an online community directory of care for cancer patients in Kamloops. It’s about creating support for people going through cancer - before, during and after their diagnosis. It addresses the physical well-being and mental-health aspects of the rehabilitation process to help complement the outstanding efforts of our oncology team at Royal Inland Hospital. The group was started out of a recurring theme expressed by patients who had a desire for more availability and access to rehabilitation treatment options and from health care professionals who had a desire to know who, or where, best to refer a patient within our community. Now, there are many different fields listed including massage therapy, physiotherapy, registered counselling, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition, support groups, exercise programs, certified fitters for garments, and much more.