The 2018 Kamloops Film Festival Committee.


KFF Chair

Dušan graduated from Westsyde Secondary, attended TRU and Plymouth State University, and now works at the former. He originally became involved with the film festival when committee members were recruiting for people with marketing expertise. Four years ago, he took over as the Kamloops Film Festival Chair and he could not be more thrilled to be leading this passionate team once again. The 22nd Festival is focused on connecting with our community and engaging our audience. Come see what the KFF has in store. You won’t be disappointed. Dušan is a lifelong film lover who likes every genre of film. Even before he was a part of the KFF, Dušan had attended every film at the festival, so you know he’s committed! (Small shout out to his very cute girlfriend Skylar here).

Subcommittees: Events & Special Guests (Co-Chair) and Marketing (Co-Chair)

Alicia has a B.A in English Literature and Theatre Studies from Thompson Rivers University, where she is now Writer & Storyteller for the Faculty of Student Development. Alicia is a freelance writer for The Echo and Sun Peaks Independent News, and also writes the humour blog “Pin Up Picks Pen Up”, which has been read in over 90 countries.  Alicia is involved with performance whenever possible.  This is her fourth year with the Kamloops Film Festival; it is certifiably her favourite time of year.  She appreciates a well-crafted film above most things in life—alongside travel, laughter, good friends, CBC 2, the company of two bears and a tasty tall latte.

Subcommittee: Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations

Anyssa Fortie is a Graduate of TRU with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. She currently works at the Kamloops Art Gallery as the School and Youth Programs Coordinator. This is her first year volunteering with the Kamloops Film Festival, but she has been involved with the Festival in years past, both as an audience member and a supervisor at the Paramount Theatre. Anyssa likes to draw, knit, and hang out with her dog. Her favourite movie of all time is Beetlejuice but she is willing to give other movies a chance.

Subcommittee: Volunteer (Co-Chair)

Cathy has been enjoying retirement for 15 years. She and husband Phil have been fortunate enough to indulge their passion for travel, visiting countries near and far. After a few years as a volunteer with the Kamloops Film Society and then the Film Festival, she wanted to become more involved.  At the invitation of Dušan and Rheannon, and with the encouragement of Sharon, she did……and loved it immediately. After all, what’s not to love about movies?  The characters, the plots, the scenery, the costumes; Cathy has especially grown to appreciate cinematography which, to her, can make or break a movie. When not attending the screenings of  fantastic films, Cathy enjoys reading, solving challenging crosswords, card making, sewing, gardening, volunteering, socializing with the Domino Divas and other friends, and singing with the Kamloops Choristers.

Subcommittees: Marketing and Sponsorship & Grants

Tony and Dawn-Marie are film-buffs from the province that rests between Ontario and Saskatchewan. They’ve recently moved out west in search of free-land and gainful employment. Like so many before us, we’ve been amazed by the stunning beauty of the landscape and the big sky. Prior to arriving in Kamloops, Tony and DM had lived in towns and cities across Canada and around the world, including Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Peterborough, Toronto, Nanaimo, Kelowna, and Vancouver. They enjoy travelling, wine-tastings, haute-cuisine (the elusive Thai-German fusion) and playing ultra-competitive, full-contact Scrabble.

Subcommittee: Community Engagement

This is Diana’s first year volunteering with the Kamloops Film Festival. Diana is the Director of Development for WolfPack Athletics and the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism at TRU, where she has worked for the past 11 years. Diana moved to Kamloops from Vancouver 20 years ago and loves our growing and evolving community. She is excited to experience this new adventure with the KFF!

Subcommittees: Marketing and Sponsorship & Grants

Although she remembers attending the first Kamloops Film Festival twenty-two years ago, this is Dianne’s second year volunteering for the festival.

Subcommittee: Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations

Dion Fortie is a visual artist and an install technician at a local sign business. It is his first year volunteering with the KFF where he helps with film/ticketing/theater relations. In his spare time he enjoys sitting down to a nice breakfast, a good read, and nature’s beauty. Favorite movie: Darjeeling Limited.

Subcommittee: Sponsorship & Grants

Doug Andrews is a goldsmith and business owner in downtown Kamloops. Karateristics jewellery and design is a European rated studio with a unique retail. Community means a lot to Doug as it is important to the healthy lifestyle and family we enjoy.

Subcommittee: Events & Special Guests

This is Erin’s fourth year volunteering for the Kamloops Film Festival. Erin is an Early Childhood Educator and operates Seed To Apple Tree Learning Center, a Preschool/Daycare for children ages 1 to 5 years old. Erin grew up in Kamloops and has attended the Kamloops Film Fest for many years. She has a strong interest in films and is excited to be involved in the events committee for the festival.

Subcommittees: Volunteer (Co-Chair) & Secretary

Janet moved back to Kamloops after living in the Lower Mainland and now works at TRU.  With her children all grown up, Janet wanted to get involved in the community.  She loves movies because they are a way to escape and experience different people, places and situations. With this in mind, Janet joined the Kamloops Film Festival Committee.

Subcommittees: Marketing and Sponsorship & Grants

This is Jenna’s second year volunteering for the Kamloops Film Festival after being recruited by Dušan. Jenna works from home for a Toronto based research company, and given her love of film and lack of face to face conversations, she looks forward to getting involved and being a part of the community!

Subcommittees: Events & Special Guests and Sponsorship & Grants

This is Jessi’s first year helping out with the Film Festival! He is a graduate of TRU’s Bachelor of Business Administration and now an employee of TRU as a Student Recruiter & Enrolment Representative. He is excited to be involved with such an integral part of the Kamloops arts community.

Subcommittees: Community Engagement and Marketing

Jon is the current chair of the Kamloops Film Series.  Born and raised in Kamloops he completed his BFA in Film from SFU and then returned to Kamloops to raise his two children. He currently works at TRU Open Learning creating visual media content for distance courses. In 1994 he volunteered for the Moving Pictures Travelling Film Festival when it came to Kamloops prior to the creation of the KFF.  He absolutely fell in love with watching films in a full size theatre.

Subcommittee: Marketing

Josh Sunderman is absolutely ecstatic about helping out with the Film Festival this year. Josh has been going to the film festival and attending film series screenings since he was a budding 15-year-old cinephile, and finds it very fitting that he gets to work with the very people that helped make him the film lover that he is today.

Subcommittee:Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations (Co-Chair)

Katherina is a graduate of TRU with her Diploma in Events Management and her Bachelor’s in Business Admin. She is currently working at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. She is an avid movie buff having spent 5 years in management at the now extinct Blockbuster Video. This is her 3rd  year volunteering with the Kamloops Film Festival.

Subcommittee: Events

Katrina’s passion for giving back to the community and viewing the fabulous films at the Festivals throughout the years is what encouraged her to volunteer for the Kamloops Film Festival. She is a mother of three young adults and has been a licensed Realtor for the past 19 years, as well as the co-owner of River City Realty with her husband, Vince. She recently became a grandma of two amazing grandsons. In her spare time, she is an active participant in triathlons, and other running and biking events.

Subcommittees: Volunteer (Co-Chair) and Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations

Kevin worked at the Cineplex Odeon for nearly 22 years. He has taken a variety of accounting courses at Cariboo College (now TRU).  Kevin is currently single, and enjoys the company of his two brothers, a sister and several nephews, nieces (and great nephews!).  He collects hockey cards and memorabilia from the Beatles and the Monkees. Kevin has been a member of the KFF Committee for twelve years. He joined for the love of people and movies; to be able to escape from the real world for a couple of hours, no matter the topic and to learn about different things, which is his favourite part of the cinematic experience.

Subcommittees: Events & Special Guests and Marketing

This is Madyson’s third year helping out with the Film Festival. She got onboard to spend more time with her mom, Katrina. She is a Bachelor of Tourism Management graduate from TRU with a concentration in Events & Convention Management as well as Resort Experience and a minor in Human Resources. She also became a mom to an adorable little boy this year.

Subcommittees: Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations and Marketing

This is Nick’s second active year with the Kamloops Film Festival, but he has watched the inner workings of it for years as an employee of the Paramount Theatre. He has seen the impact that this festival has as an integral piece of the local arts community and is very excited to be a part of it now, and hopes this can transition him into being a more contributing member of the arts scene. Nick looks forward to a continued relationship with the Kamloops Film Society, giving people the opportunity to expose themselves to films and genres that they otherwise might not get the chance to see.

Subcommittee: Community Engagement (Co-Chair)

Sadie is new to the KFF committee team, persuasively convinced by Dušan Magdolen, who she works with at TRU as a fundraiser for science and nursing. Sadie is looking forward to being part of this new committee and an event that brings new ideas, fun and creativity via film to Kamloops.

Subcommittees: Community Engagement and Marketing

This is Sam’s second year with the Kamloops Film Festival. He studied Broadcast Journalism and Communications at BCIT and currently works as the Community Specialist at New Afton.  Prior to that, he worked for Shaw TV as a videojournalist and producer. Sam also volunteers with Literacy in Kamloops and sits on the board of Kamloops Pride.

Subcommittee: Events & Special Guests

Originally from Ontario, Tammy moved to Kamloops a few years ago with her husband, Tyler. They are both optometrists and met at school back east. They are happy to have added an addition of their son in 2016, (and hope he loves movies too one day!). She has always loved movies so the Kamloops Film Festival has been the perfect way to become part of the Kamloops Community. It is hard to pin down exactly why she loves movies so much; perhaps it has to do with all the amazing ways there are to tell a story (but a little escapism doesn’t hurt either)!

Subcommittees: Events & Special Guests (Co-Chair), Finance (Co-Chair), and Programming, Ticketing & Theatre Relations

This is Tanya’s fourth year on the film committee and she is loving every minute of it. Tanya has lived in Kamloops for 19 years and has worked in the insurance industry for 23 years. Her interests have expanded since moving to Kamloops, including finding a love of running, biking, theatre and volunteerism, not to mention Film Fest and Film Society. She and her husband Geoff are looking forward to this year’s line up.

Subcommittees: Community Engagement and Sponsorship & Grants

This is Tatiana’s first year with the Kamloops Film Festival. She has a BBA in Marketing and Human Resources from Thompson Rivers University, where she is currently working as Events Coordinator for the School of Business and Economics.