Speakers will be brought in during the festival for 5 minute presentations that illuminate the contents of the upcoming film in some way.


Before The Divine Order
Thursday, March 8

Speaking to the importance of women having the vote, why more women are not elected (hint: it’s probably not what you think), and why it’s important for all citizens to be politically engaged will be Kathy Sinclair and Tina Lange.

“Imagine a world where half the adult population has no say in the decisions that affect their everyday lives. As we’ll see in this film, for years, democracy excluded women from having a voice — but when it’s done right, democracy champions the voices of all.” – Kathy

Kathy Sinclair
Councillor, City of Kamloops
Executive Director, KAC

Kathy Sinclair is a not-for-profit leader and councillor with the City of Kamloops. She originally hails from Victoria.

Tina Lange
Councillor, City of Kamloops

Tina Lange says she was born a politician! She’s in her thirteenth year as a city councillor and says it’s the best job she’s ever had because she’s helped to shape a community, she’s enjoyed a great education … and most importantly she has no boss and no employees!

Before Meditation Park
Friday, March 9

Marcia Wilson will speak to the way that life can surprise us – at any age- and how learning techniques for being mindfully present in our lives can guide us through challenges and opportunities.

Marcia Wilson
Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach
Director/Owner : The Yoga Loft & Whole Family Yoga Inc.

Marcia Wilson has spent over 20 years exploring yoga, meditation, Buddhism, and practices to cultivate health, happiness and wholeness. Her work and education spans biochemistry, occupational therapy, non profit management and now self care education as a yoga teacher, studio owner and wellness advocate. She has just returned from teaching in Panama where the question of listening to heart and making choices formed the basis of the retreat she co-lead.